"Anti-Tip" Furniture  Strap works exclusively for securing top heavy furniture to walls.  Use on bookcases, carts, and entertainment centers.  High tensile strength strapping coupled with steel grommets and heavy duty 2” wood screws will go head-to-head against any competition.  As seen and recommended in Consumer Reports!   1-pack

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Anti Tip Strap Furniture Strap Beige (1-Pack)

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  • Safe & Shut® Dishwasher Locking Strap

    Hot steam can cause injury when heavy dishwasher doors are open even just a little bit!  Our dishwasher locking strap snaps closed to secure and help keep dishwasher doors stay safe and shut!  This easy-to-use conventional design utilizes premium web strap, durable plastic and very high-bonding tape to bring forth an exceptional product that helps parents reduce risk.  Peel and stick.  No tools required.   

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