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The best parents are safe parents.  Whether you purchase our products or someone else's, the main mission is that you think about your child's safety. Watch and observe your child. Get knowledgeable on the type of accidents and injuries that really do occur in real, normal, everyday life.   A little safety conscientiousness can go a long long way.  "Safeguarding your Child is No Accident!"


Children are eager to learn!   They are so smart, curious, and inquisitive. Feed that hunger with creative playthings, toys, activities and books.   This is the first step to keeping them away from danger.




Parents and Guardians are the first line of protection for children.  It is your responsibility and duty to be a Parent Unit!  Watch your child diligently; and in doing so; you will enjoy more of them because you will see so many amazing moments that the carefree parent misses.  





Understand your child and their environments and make changes where needed to make their surroundings safe for a peaceful and lovely baby, toddler and childhood. 

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